Hi, my name is Fabian.

I am friendly, web developer from Berlin, working as a full stack developer for SportSpar.de. Nice to meet you!

I make websites

More than ten years ago I built my first website and even many years later, with so many new technologies, I really enjoy building websites and web apps. Maybe I can help you with your Idea too?

I have several years of working experience in different teams and with different technologies. I call myself a full stack developer with a focus on the frontend.

I have a lot of experience with PHP, be it Laravel or the based-on-Symfony eCommerce software Shopware and Javascript. I really enjoy working with React and VueJS, but like for this website, some good old vanilla JS can be really effective.


SportSpar.de screenshot


I'm currently working as a developer for an online outlet, mainly working with Shopware.

GeoPlasma-CE screenshot


A web GIS and information platform concerning geothermal energy.

More about my contribution